Vendor Information

Vendors can fill out an application that must be completed by the deadline designated. Due to limited space in the Chamber vendor area some vendors will be referred to local property owners who rent lots. The Chamber does not control the price of these private lots and is not responsible for any fees attached but it is the vendors responsibility to see that all fees are paid to the town of Benson before setting up or risk being shut down. Food vendors will be inspected by the health department and must comply to the regulations set forth by this department. All vendors must be ten (10) feet from the curb(if the street on which you are set up is NOT closed to traffic) and if at a sidewalk must be behind the sidewalk as not to hamper foot traffic. Vendors must purchase a fire permit. Vendors MUST have a fireproof tent and a fire extinguisher.

It is advised that these vendors ask the landowners questions pertaining to fees or call the Town of Benson at 919-894-3553.

Vendor Map



(A) An Itinerant Merchant shall be defined as an Itinerant Merchant, peddler by vehicle, or specialty market operator who transports an inventory of goods to a building, vacant lot, or other location in a county, city, or town, and who, at that location, displays the goods for sale and sells the goods at retail or offers the goods for sale at retail.

(B) No itinerant merchant shall set up or caused to be set up or allow any part of their operation or goods offered for sale to be placed within five feet from the back of curb along streets that have curb and gutter, nor within five feet from the edge of the street pavement along paved streets with no curb and gutter. For those streets that have sidewalks, no part of the sidewalk can be blocked or used for the sale of goods. Entire operations must be behind the sidewalk regardless of the distance from the back of the curb or the edge of street pavement.

(C) No itinerant merchant shall conduct business within the town without first obtaining the appropriate privilege license form the town, which privilege license shall cost $25 per year plus a $20 garbage fee per site and for each operation period.

(D) Then an itinerant merchant shall obtain an operation permit which will allow the obtainer to retail his/her merchandise for a period not to exceed 24 hours within a 48 hour period; said 48 hours to run consecutively and said 48 hour period to be designated on an operation permit the 24 hour retail period can be distributed within the 48 hours as desired by the retailer.

Benson – Business Regulations

(E) At least 20 calendar days must elapse following a designated 48 hour retailing period before another operation permit can be issued to the same itinerant merchant and no more than five operation permits shall be issued to any one person during any fiscal year; a fiscal year defined as running from July 1 through June 30, the period of time for which a given privilege license is valid.

(F) No itinerant merchant shall receive a privilege license and operation permit without first displaying a state license and notarized, written permission from the property owner on which the business shall be conducted; in addition, said property on which business shall be conducted shall be an appropriately commercially zoned property for the merchandise desired to be sold. Said notarized written permission shall designate the dates for which the operation of the business is permitted.

(’75 Code, § 10.59-1) (Ord. Passed 12-15-83;Am Ord. passed 5-26-88; Am. Ord, passed 5-11-93) Penalty, see § 10.99